March 11-16, 2018 – Ecole de Physique des Houches

The school will focus on the origin and evolution of water and associated volatile elements  – carbon, nitrogen, noble gases – in the early Solar System.


The elemental and isotopic compositions of these elements and species have been shaped by heritage from the interstellar medium and/or photon/ionizing particles – matter interactions in the disk. These elements/species have played a fundamental role in the condensation of solids, in the accretion of planets, and in the formation of their atmospheres. The analysis of extraterrestrial material (primitive meteorites, lunar and martian meteorites), as well as recent space missions, have permitted to document the compositions of the nebular gas, of asteroids, of comets and of differentiated bodies.

This is an interdisciplinary school, at the frontier between planetary science, chemistry of interstellar medium and cosmochemistry.

The school is open to Ph.D. students and researchers who wish to broaden their knowledge. The lectures will be accessible to non specialists, but a background in planetary sciences, geo/cosmochemistry or astrophysics is required. All lectures will be in English.

Scientific Organizers:

David Bekaert (CRPG-Université de Lorraine), Evelyn Füri (CRPG-CNRS), Yves Marrocchi (CRPG-CNRS), Bernard Marty (CRPG-CNRS), Alessandro Morbidelli (Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur), Laurette Piani (CRPG-CNRS), Lionel Vacher (CRPG-CNRS).



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